Hi! My name is Crystal and I am a photographer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but I love to travel! My husband and I moved here last summer from Clearwater, Florida to start a new adventure with our three dogs. About two months after moving we had our elopment in Sedona, AZ so now I can officially call him my husband!

Many people ask us why we moved from Florida to New Mexico, and the fact is, we just love the desert! A new location is something that has inspired me more as a photographer, and I look forward to seeing what else I can create with this new landscape! I feel lucky to have found someone who sees the same beauty that I see in the southwest, and who dropped everything with me to start over out here!

Right now I do mostly engagements, families, maternity and weddings. I hope that within the next year I can start to focus more on connecting with clients looking to elope or have an intimate wedding! I think because my husband and I eloped, I really just fell in love with the idea and experience of it. Some of you may meet my husband if he comes to help with a shoot, but another goal of mine is to eventually get him to officially join me full time!


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